Dreamscape Bottle


  • Dramatically lengthen your dreams
  • Improve your dreamscape stability
  • Enhance the vividness of your dreams
  • Return to dreams after waking
  • Safe, effective dream enhancement!

Have more dreams throughout the night! Our flagship product combines ultra-pure natural Galantamine with melatonin for a mixture that lets you sleep undisturbed while accessing dreams of unparalled length and stability.

These ingredients work synergistically towards successful dreams. Users report more dreams throughout the night. Even better, the dream "plots" make more sense and yield insights that you remember in the morning. The dream environment seems more colorful, both vivid and detailed, than in ordinary dreams.

Best of all you can often re-enter the dreamscape after short awakenings in the middle of the night.

Note: We no longer recommend taking melatonin with your Galantamine. It works much better to take melatonin by itself at the beginning of the night to get deeper sleep, and then to take your Galantamine 3-5 hours later.

How to use Dreamscape:

Dreamscape works best when taken at bedtime and we intend it for occasional use by adults only. Take one capsule before going to bed or during your sleep period.

Supplement Facts