Pro-Galantamine Bottle


  • Nutritional grade purity of over 96%
  • Natural galantamine hydrobromide from the Red Spider Lily
  • 4mg capsules for increased tolerance
  • Can be taken either day or night
  • Improve waking and dream memory

More than three thousand years ago, Homer described the effects of Galantamine on dream recall. For those looking for the benefits of Galantamine both day and night, we offer some of the purest Galantamine on the market.

Our Galantamine comes from plantation grown Red Spider Lily for extra purity and consistency and assures that you can safely combine it with your favorite dream supplements.

Best of all, studies show that Galantamine herbal extract may result in the tremendous benefit of supporting waking memory. From the support of increased cognitive function to greater concentration, enjoy the benefits of healthy brain function.

How to use Pro-Galantamine:

Pro-Galantamine can be taken day or night. For a more powerful effect on dream recall and dream enhancement, take one capsule before going to bed or during your sleep period.