Frequently Asked Questions

Three Bottles

Q: Are the ingredients in our products natural?
A: Yes, our galantamine is 100% natural, derived from plants.

Q: What time of night should I take the capsules?
A: For the best success, we recommend taking Galantamine 3-5 hours after you go to sleep for the night.

Q: How many capsules should I take?
A: We recommend starting with one capsule. If you are very sensitive to substances, then you should start out with half a capsule.

Q: How often should I take Dreamamins?
A: For maximum effect, we recommend you take Galantamine every third night or less. The effect will be significantly lessened if you take it more often than that.

Q: If I have bad dreams, how will Galantamine effect them? Will it make bad dreams worse? Or, if I already have good dreams, how will it help me?
A: Galantamine does not specifically effect dream content, but rather increases the frequency and intensity of dreams. Read Overcoming Nightmares for tips on how to use lucid dreaming to overcome reoccurring nightmares.

Q: How long will one bottle last me?
A: Taking our recommended dosage, one bottle will last 6+ months.

Q: What are the side effects of Galantamine?
A: The most common side effect experienced by some people is nausea. This can usually be lessened by taking a small amount of nuts, cheese, or plain white yogurt with your Galantamine. 550 to 1000 milligrams of ginger may also help to alleviate stomach upset.

Q: Will the products interfere with my current drug prescription?
A: If you have any concerns, you should always speak with your doctor before beginning any supplemental regime. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.