About ADN

If you would like to send a question or comment to ADN, please send an email to magiguard-dreamamins (insert "@") yahoo (insert ".com"), or you may send a text to 480-442-8844.

Mission Statement

We at Advanced Dream Nutrition have always held one clear objective. We seek to offer you the highest quality, most advanced products for physical well being and internal insight.

First and foremost, we support a healthy lifestyle, diet and supplementation on a daily basis. We see mental clarity as one of the finest results of a healthy nutritional regimen. A number of products by our company and by others can help in this regard. From L-Tyrosine through Galantamine and to DMAE and Ginkgo we suggest that everyone take the steps to keep their minds and bodies at optimal health throughout the stages of their lives.

But we also believe that people exist as more than physical beings. Each night we connect and interact with a whole other prism of ourselves. In the dream reality, we do more than replay the day’s events, we co-create an entire universe. This other world holds marvelous visions, infinite wisdom, and insights to cherish.

ADN produces safe, effective, and natural products that allow you to better realize the promise of your dreams.

Dreamscape Bottle
Lucid Dreamer Bottle
Pro-Galantamine Bottle

4mg Galantamine
3mg Melatonin

Lucid Dreamer
4mg Galantamine
200mg Choline

4mg Galantamine
96% assay-tested purity